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USN Watch Cap and WWII US AAF type A-4 wool knit Mechanics cap´s

The US Navy 'Watch Cap'; so named from the sailors' duty of keeping watch.

Made from top quality worsted wool, the design is precisely matched to the original construction, with the unique 6 petal crown design to ensure a neat fit and appearance which hugs the contour of the head.

Embellished with San Diego USN Stencil.

The A-4 knit cap was used by ground crew of the Army Air Force during WWII. Cold winter days on the airfield whilst arming a B-17 bomber for a mission, called for such a cap.

Made from top quality worsted wool, the design is precisely matched to the original construction; the unique 6 petal crown design ensures a neat fit and appearance which hugs the contour of the head.

Embellished with George AF Base & Army Force Stencil.

 The A-4 is a simple plain weave knit hat, made from an Olive green, 100% wool yarn.

They were used by aircraft mechanics and armourers throughout WWII, when conditions were too cool for the A-3!

The Eastman A-4 is another great accessory item. Our 100% wool yarn is matched to the original in quality and colour, and due to its extra fine quality it's not itchy! .

One size fits all.

In AAF, a star is Air pilot crew, but must not forget Mechanics crew who support on the ground. In extreme cold winter at the Europe battle line, D-1 Jacket and A-4 Cap were supplied for protect them who worked for flying a fighter as B-17 and P-47 in best condition. Originally A-4 Cap was supplied for Ground Crew, however some Air pilot crew love to use this Cap.
Recreate Details
  • Knit : 100% Worsted Wool
  • Sewing at Top : Sewed by flat 3 needles machine

US GI Belt´s...

Original USAF GI Belt start in September 1947 - now.

Original US ARMY / NAVY / MC / AAF /
AF GI Belt start 1930 - now. 

US ARMY/AAF M-37 Khaki Trousers Belt, Repro.(M.O.C.) start 1937 - 1960  http://www.mash-japan.co.jp/oversea/eng_moc/collection/m37belt/index.cgi
The M-37 Khaki Trousers Belt was standardised 1n 1937, as an enlisted man's use. But it is also well-known that it was used by officers in fields or flight missions. And it was used throughout the whole of WWII. There were some kind of color variations on the webbing, such as brown khaki and olive khaki. The color of our reprodused cotton webbing is kind of most typical khaki color amoung the original belts. All other details are matched to the original in weave, width and matel parts.

•Webbing : 1 1/4" width 100% Cotton
•Color : Olive Khaki
•Buckle : US Army Original Brass Buckle same type as Wartime, finished in Matte Black
•End Tip : US Army Original Brass Tip same type as Wartime, finished in Matte Black
•Marking on the belt : refer to the photo

Various Sizes(Belt Length without Buckle):


Pull Tab(Horsehide) for Zip Slider on AAF Clothing, Repro.(M.O.C.)

You might have a problem with a missing leather pull tab on your AAF Clothing such as A-2, B-3, B-6, B-9, B-10, B-11.... Actually, it is bit inconvenient to pull down & up the slider without the pull tab. Besides the looking of the clothing itself is not so nice without the pull tab.
Thus, here's our reproduction pull tabs! !
Our Pull Tab was full-reproduced from the original in shape, color and material.

• Material: Horsehide
• Color: Seal Brown
• Measurement:1.9cm(W) x 5.3cm(H)
• How to Tie?
The instruction such as above image is attached with the tab.

Various Purposes for :
• AAF Clothing such as A-2, B-3, B-6, B-9, B-10, B-11..


 I used the A-2, and kit bags by Eastman Leather Clothing...

Gloves USAAF type A-10 by Eastman Leather Clothing

The A-10 was standardised on July 20th 1938, as an intermediate weight glove, and was used throughout the whole of WWII.
It was standard issue to all aircrew, and exceedingly popular it was too.

Attractively designed, it was made from a supple Goatskin leather and lined with a fine wool knit. The ribbed wristlet was also made from a 100% wool knit.

True to form, we have reproduced the A-10 to exact U.S.A.A.F. spec.

Made from authentically tanned supple Goatskin leather (the A-10 was only ever made from Goatskin), our A-10 is sewn to perfection.

We have matched the lining and wristlet in the correct material, colour and weave. An authentic AAF decal is also applied to each glove as per the originals.

It is the perfect accessory for any of the U.S.A.A.F. flying jackets! Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL


My treasure...

This is a gift to my 33 birthday present from my brother and his girlfriend. It's from the Czech pilot's estate he flew with the RAF and was a direct participant in the Battle of Britain. Unfortunately I do not know his name ...

Buzz Rickson´s 2008 - 2011




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Buzz Rickson´s T-shirt in action


Buzz Rickson´s 2011 Fall and Winter



Nice footage...


A-3 Mechanic's cap manufacturer BUZZ RICKSON


SPEC: No. 6-287 and AMEND. No. 5
MARERIAL: 100% Cotton Olive, one wash
SIZE: 71/4, 71/2

I think it's sold out...





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Heyyy, boys go to dance?


A-3 Mechanic's cap manufacturer MASH CO.

SPEC: No.6-287  M.O.C. Ltd. Inc. NEW YORK, NY.
MARERIAL: Six equal panels of Olive Drab Mercerized Cotton Cloth form the skull. Flexible Visor.
USE: For Mechanics
SIZE: 7 , 7 1/4 , 7 1/2

Perfect work, one of the best A-3 cap, buy!!!!