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You do not have a gift...

The 303rd Bombardment Group was formed on the 28th January 1942 and whose motto was 'Might in Flight'. It was a group that was to go down in history as one of the most famous bomber units of WWII - they were known as the 'Hell's Angels'.

Arriving at Molesworth on the 9th September 1942, the 303rd were assigned to the 8th Air Force, and were one of the first American bomber groups to arrive in England to join the British in the bombing campaign against Germany. They went on to fly more combat missions than any other bomber group in the USAAF, 364 in total, and take part in some of the bloodiest sorties of the war; targets such as the ball-bearing plants at Schweinfurt; shipbuilding yards at Bremen; synthetic rubber plant at Huls; the aircraft engine factories of Hamburg; the industrial quarter of Frankfurt and the marshalling yards at Le Mans were among the destinations where they flew to hell and back, and which earned them a much deserved Distinguished Unit Citation.

Proud of their group's reputation many of the airmen had their jackets painted on the back with various motifs and slogans. In the case of the 303rd, many were emblazoned with the Hell's Angles pseudonym on the back, and quite often this would be accompanied by a series of bombs which depicted the number of missions flown.

As the 2nd addition to the Elite Units range were are extremely proud to offer an incredible recreation of an original Hell's Angels back painted A-2 of the famous 303rd Bombardment Group. 1st Lt Constantine J. Duros was a Bombardier in the 360th Bombardment Squadron who completed a tour flying 29 missions in total, and had his Rough Wear 27752 A-2 jacket painted in such a way.

Utilising our reproduction of this very same model A-2 , we have recreated an exact replica of the Duros A-2.

As you will see from the images in the photo gallery the back-painting is superbly rendered, and has been worked in order to capture the essence of a time-aged original. To the front left breast is sewn a superb hand-embroidered Hell's Angels squadron patch (360th B.Sqdn), which is a perfect recreation of a theatre-made original.

The garment is finally given our TimeWorn® process, with even greater detailing than that of our regular finish, which renders the garment with a stunning vintage patina that is unbelievably convincing. Both the painting and the patch melt into the leather as though they have been seated there for decades, giving you the ultimate in a recreation of a true vintage icon.

The product is delivered to you in a custom-made, metal-edge, hard-card box to treasure forever, and eventually hand-down to your next generation - just like an original.

Due to the extremely specialist nature of this product only a very few pieces can be made on a yearly basis, so we ask for your kind understanding if delivery times are particularly extended when ordering this item.

(Click here to go to the official 303rd Bombardment Group Hell's Angels website )

Disclaimer: 'Hell's Angels' is a registered trademark of the 'Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club'. The use of the term 'Hell's Angels' with regard to the product advertised here is used purely and entirely to describe that which it is a reproduction of - a jacket of the 303rd Bombardment Group (also known as the 'Hell's Angels') of the US Army Air Forces of World War II. This product is not affiliated to, or endorsed by the 'Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club'.



Red Tails...

© Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. Photo by Jiri Hanzl

© Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. Photo by Jiri Hanzl

Jiří Hanzl

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US Navy Ball Cap by Eastman


The US Navy Ball Cap was very popular with the Navy and Marine pilots of WWII. On or off duty, if they weren’t flying, they would usually be wearing their Ball Cap. It was common for the name or number of their unit to be sewn or embroidered across the front.

Made from a lightweight, 100% wool, dark Navy Blue cloth, the crown of the Ball Cap has a 6-piece construction which tailors the shape to a close form-hugging profile.

Available in sizes 7 – 7/12

SHELL :Custom-made 100% wool jersey
CONSTRUCTION :6-piece crown with cloth covered button
HEADBAND :Horsehide leather
PEAK :Green cotton undercloth
SEAMS :Reinforced inside with black cotton tape
EYELETS :Black painted metal

Ball Cap in action with Rum and Coca Cola...

FOTO from navypilotoverseas


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For women...

Amelia Earhart





During WWII, few military aviation garments were purpose made for women, but on the 4th May 1944, the 'Type B-17 Intermediate Flying Jacket, Nurses', was standardised. (The word 'nurses', rather than 'womens', was often used in US military nomenclature - it did not necessarily mean that the person wearing the garment was a nurse).

By 1944 the well established all-women aviation unit W.A.S.P. (Women Airforce Service Pilots) were in dire need of decent kit. Wearing a mix of various odd garments - including men's flight jackets - it was clear that a dedicated flight jacket for women was necessary.

The WASP's proved themselves to be exemplary pilots, and an important integral part of the USAAF. Indeed, most of them had more experience in flying different aircraft types than the men. WASPs were utilized in non-combat roles such as delivering aircraft from factories to the airfields - from P-51 fighters to B-17 bombers - logging more than 6 million flying hours between them.

Fundamentally a female version of the men's Type B-15, the B-17 was made of exactly the same materials as its male counterpart; Olive Drab cloth fabric for the shell, with mouton fleece collar and Alpaca pile for the lining.

Our reproduction is the first of its kind ever offered, and every detail has been perfectly reproduced. The cut of course is flattering to the female form with its distinctive 40's styling; shorter than the B-15 with narrowed waist and contoured bust, as well as right-over-left closure.




With the greatest respect...

Rosie the Riveter 


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CONMATIC by Buzz Rickson´s
TALON by Buzz Rickson´s
CONMATIC by Buzz Rickson´s
TALON by Eastman
CROWN by Eastman
KWIK by Eastman
EASTMAN by Eastman
TALON by Talon


Wrote and illustrated: Emmanuel Guibert  (L´ASSOCIATION, PARIS 2008)

I like comics! This is the authentic stories and memories of Alan Ingram Cope.
It is primarily the story of a man!