neděle 4. prosince 2011

Buzz Rickson´s US Officers Chukka Boot vs. Red Wing shoes Style No. 9017 Beckman Chukka
The Chukka Boot was one of a handful of shoe designs that were utilized by Officers of the US Army and Air Force during WWII.

It was popular due to its simplistic design, and low ankle support. With only two lace holes they are very easy to put on and remove.

The Buzz Rickson recreation is lovingly crafted by hand with a genuine Goodyear leather welt, beautiful top-grain leather upper and 100% authentic 'Triple Wear' rubber heel and sole. They are traditionally formed on vintage lasts for ultimate authenticity and outstanding quality.
The 9017 is part of our Classic Dress Beckman collection. The collection is derived from the boot’s classic Red Wing styling and the use of our exclusive Cigar Featherstone dress leather custom tanned at our S.B. Foot Tannery, located in Featherstone Township, Goodhue County, MN. It is a light weight and durable leather, a combination that mirrors the name. These boots are a chukka style and can be polished in keeping with their dress status.
 The Beckman Collection is named after Charles Beckman, the company's founder. Mr. Beckman owned a shoe store in Red Wing. In his advertising he promoted himself as Beckman, The Shoe Man. As a prosperous Main Street merchant, he saw first-hand the need for durable and comfortable boots. In 1905 when he couldn't find boots to meet his needs, he started his own shoe company. Navigating the muddy streets of Red Wing was part of his daily routine. He needed sturdy boots that could be polished to match his status as a successful Main Street merchant and shoe company owner.

My opinion. Both pairs of shoes are appropriate to wear uniforms. It depends only on about how much you want to be authentic ...

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