úterý 13. prosince 2011

For women...

Amelia Earhart





During WWII, few military aviation garments were purpose made for women, but on the 4th May 1944, the 'Type B-17 Intermediate Flying Jacket, Nurses', was standardised. (The word 'nurses', rather than 'womens', was often used in US military nomenclature - it did not necessarily mean that the person wearing the garment was a nurse).

By 1944 the well established all-women aviation unit W.A.S.P. (Women Airforce Service Pilots) were in dire need of decent kit. Wearing a mix of various odd garments - including men's flight jackets - it was clear that a dedicated flight jacket for women was necessary.

The WASP's proved themselves to be exemplary pilots, and an important integral part of the USAAF. Indeed, most of them had more experience in flying different aircraft types than the men. WASPs were utilized in non-combat roles such as delivering aircraft from factories to the airfields - from P-51 fighters to B-17 bombers - logging more than 6 million flying hours between them.

Fundamentally a female version of the men's Type B-15, the B-17 was made of exactly the same materials as its male counterpart; Olive Drab cloth fabric for the shell, with mouton fleece collar and Alpaca pile for the lining.

Our reproduction is the first of its kind ever offered, and every detail has been perfectly reproduced. The cut of course is flattering to the female form with its distinctive 40's styling; shorter than the B-15 with narrowed waist and contoured bust, as well as right-over-left closure.



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