čtvrtek 29. března 2012

USAAF Ball Cap by Eastman

The USAAF Ball Cap was very popular with the Air Force pilots of WWII. Archive photo evidence shows they were particularly popular amongst the fighter pilots in the Pacific theatre.

Made from lightweight 100% wool in Grenadier-Red, the crown of the Ball Cap has a 6-piece construction which tailors the shape to a close form-hugging profile.

Our reproduction matches the original in every detail and is finished with a subdued one-wash process.

Available in sizes 7 – 7/12

WASH :Subdued one-wash
SHELL :Custom-made 100% wool jersey
CONSTRUCTION :6-piece crown with cloth covered button
HEADBAND :Horsehide leather
PEAK :Green cotton undercloth
SEAMS :Reinforced inside with 100% cotton tape

Ball Cap in action

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  1. great cap!!and great wool vest, where do you find that? it's the one in USA make by an american re maker?

  2. hope and glory nice shawl collar sweater !!!!