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23rd Fighter Group - A-2 original vs. A-2 reproduction Eastman Leather Clothing + B-10 Buzz Rickson´s

The A2 is the original from the collection of my friend. It was owned by Cpt. Ed Beethoven 74th FS/23rd FG/14th AAF flew P-51b Rose's Raider.




The 23rd Fighter Group was formed in July 1942 as part of the China Air Task Force (CATF), marking the first such activation of a fighter group on a field of battle in WWII. It was comprised of the three squadrons: 74th, 75th and 76th. Their aircraft were marked with the distinctive and fearsome sharksmouths, and their mascot creature was the Flying Tiger.

Previously to that a small volunteer unit known as The American Volunteer Group (the AVG - also known as the FLYING TIGERS) had been hired by the Chinese government in their war against the Japanese. Headed by the tenacious Brigadier General Claire Lee Chenault the AVG soon gained notoriety with the Japanese for being a force to be reckoned with.

When the US entered the war proper the AVG were amalgamated into the 23rd Ftr Grp (which were part of the USAAF 14th Air Force), absorbing many of the battle-hardened AVG pilots in doing so, and thus becoming an even more formidable unit.

The 23rd Ftr Grp's combat record goes down in history as being one of the most illustrious In the US Army Force, creating Aces such as the great Don Lopez and David 'Tex' Hill.

Before returning to the United States in December 1945, the 23rd had flown 24,000 combat sorties, requiring more than 53,000 flying hours, and at a cost of 110 aircraft lost in aerial combat, 90 shot down by surface defenses, and 28 bombed while on the ground. it was credited with destroying:

- 621 enemy planes in air combat
- 320 enemy planes on the ground
- sinking more than 131,000 tons of enemy shipping and damaging 250,000 tons more
- enemy troop loss of more than 20,000

Our representation of a 23rd Ftr Grp jacket is based upon our Rough Wear Clothing Company, 1401 contract, Type A-2. The RW 1401 is a suitable candidate for this unit having been produced in the early part of 1942 and thus being available from when the 23rd was first activated.

We have then embellished the jacket with the appropriate insignia and markings of the unit in exquisitely hand-made layered leather patches:
- 23rd Ftr Group unit patch to left breast
- CBI shield to left shoulder
- AAF roundel to right shoulder
- 23rd Ftr Grp stencil to lining
We cannot emphasize enough the degree of detailing and quality in these jaw-dropping patches. Each piece is hand-cut and then sewn using minute but accurate stitching - the 23rd patch alone comprises no less than 40 pieces of leather in it's construction.

The garment is finally given our TimeWorn® process with even greater detailing than that of our regular finish, which renders the garment with a stunning vintage patina that is unbelievably convincing.

The product is delivered to you in a custom-made, metal-edge, hard-card box to treasure forever, and eventually hand-down to your next generation - just like an original.

MATERIAL :WarHorse® - Horsehide leather in Russet Brown shade
THREAD :Premium quality 3-ply 100% cotton
LINING :Authentic shade and weave in 100% cotton
KNIT :Tube construction. 100% wool in correct weave and colour
PRESS STUDS:Correct model 'Ball Stud'
COLLAR HOOK EYELET :With metal washer reinforcements
ZIP :CROWN® - an Eastman trademarked brand
LABEL :Shuttle-loom, Rayon-yarn, perfect reproduction of the original maker; Rough Wear Clothing Co. 1401 contract




Especially popular "23-gun combat aviation" in the flight jacket fan.
Air gun battle left chest chapter 23, the left shoulder decorated with the shape of a shield against district chapter CBI, to the right shoulder of chapter 14 is attached to the Air Force. And theater CBI has been described in December 1941 is an acronym China, Burma (now Myanmar), India, had been intended to prevent accidental removal from the war to help China fight the Japanese. (AMERICAN VOLUNEER GROUP) there was a volunteer army was called the United States of America aid to China, and the "Flying Tigers" made ​​from the previous war. AVG was absorbed into the Air Force 14th Air Force is organized the same as soon as the decision of the United States participated. Air gun battle is a group of 23 lineal had inherited the spirit of the AVG. Character was drawn to the chest and back has become a hand-painted.

● MATERIAL: 80/3 Ply Combed Cotton Twill 

● LINING: Alpaca and Wool Pile Undyed Natural Color 

● COLLAR: 1/2 Inch Shearing Sheep Mouton 

● FRONT FASTENER: Brass Finished Conmatic

● BUTTON: Mil Specs Urea 

● SNAP BUTTON: US Government Department of . DefenseSpecs Black Oxidized 


Buzz Rickson´s

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